Alarms ringing!



“We live in the midst of alarms; anxiety beclouds the future; we expect some new disaster with each newspaper we read.” Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) was the 16th President of the United States, serving for 4 years until he was assassinated in April 1865. He successfully led his country through the American Civil War and ended slavery. He came from a poor family and was mostly self-educated.

If he lived in the midst of alarms with anxiety clouding the future, I wonder what Lincoln would think of our modern times where everything we do is so immediate. Emails mean immediate interaction, people want immediate replies. This just increases anxiety and stress! In ‘those days-gone-by’ a person could mentally regroup while waiting for letters to be delivered snail-mail!

We need to slow down so that the stresses and anxieties of life don’t overtake us.

If stress is getting to you and ‘alarms are ringing’ click here to learn about a very useful 3 Step Anxiety Relaxation Technique.

Sailing the Storms of Life!



“I’m not afraid of storms for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” Louisa May Alcott

Fear can really stop us from living our lives to the full. Fear of rejection, fear of criticism, fear of facing new situations are a few in a long list. People with agoraphobia are even too afraid to go out of their homes into open spaces.

What do you fear? Some people find it difficulty to pinpoint exactly what they are afraid of, exactly what they are anxious about. If you can name your fear you’re in a much better position to overcome that fear.

You have 2 choices You can either live a life handicapped by fear, and miss out on all the excitement of living. In other words, you can stay in the harbor and never venture out in your ‘yacht’


You can face your fears, learn how to sail your ship and voyage to new horizons! Knowledge brings power and freedom from fear. The choice is yours!

For more information on how to overcome fear and learn how our thinking affects our mood, please click here. 

This beautiful photo of the Durban Yacht Harbor was taken by Nicola Stewart

Anxiety and Prayer



“No one can pray and worry at the same time.” Max Lucado

This is so true as prayer brings about a sense of peace. Instead of worrying we can rely on God our Creator to care for us. We know He loves us passionately. As we hand over our concerns to Him, He gives us peace. When we are in a place of peace we are in a better frame of mind to honestly and rationally assess what exactly it is that is worrying us.

Lying Awake!


“When you’re lying awake with a dismal headache, and repose is taboo’d by anxiety, I conceive you may use any language you choose to indulge in, without impropriety.” Sir William S. Gilbert

Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (18 November 1836 – 29 May 1911) is a poet probably best known for his collaboration with composer Sir Arthur Sullivan. Together they produced 14 very comic operas including Iolanthe in 1882.

The words of this week’s quote comes from the Lord Chancellors Nightmare Song in Act 2 of Iolanthe. It is known as a patter song. Patter songs have rapid-fire, tongue-tripping lyrics and are very humorous. Another patter song from Gilbert and Sullivan is “I am the very model of a modern Major-General” from The Pirates of Penzance, produced in 1867. Many of us are familiar with this song.

There’s nothing worse than lying awake at night with a headache and you can’t sleep because of anxiety. Agreed! But will swearing help? Well, for this type of sleeplessness, Gilbert says “I conceive you may use any language you choose to indulge in, without impropriety”!

Mmh! Not sure about that advice though. Probably just increase the adrenalin flow to your body!