Depression, anxiety …

Richard Carlson
Richard Carlson


“We allow past problems and¬†future¬†concerns to dominate our present moments,so much so that we end up anxious, frustrated, depressed and hopeless.” Richard Carlson

Focusing on past problems is the cause of depression. No amount of worrying or regret is going to change the past, so the best thing to take from the past, are the lessons… History repeats itself if we do’t learn any lessons from the past.

Worrying about the future also won’t help. This is the source of anxiety. The mind is befuddled by questions like ‘What if, what if, what if?”

Stay living in the present. It is called the present because that is what is is ‘enjoy the moment, enjoy each oppotunity that comes your way, and enjoy the people who cross your path. Too many people spend their time living for the future. don’t know why because we really don’t know what the future holds.