Sailing the Storms of Life!



“I’m not afraid of storms for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” Louisa May Alcott

Fear can really stop us from living our lives to the full. Fear of rejection, fear of criticism, fear of facing new situations are a few in a long list. People with agoraphobia are even too afraid to go out of their homes into open spaces.

What do you fear? Some people find it difficulty to pinpoint exactly what they are afraid of, exactly what they are anxious about. If you can name your fear you’re in a much better position to overcome that fear.

You have 2 choices You can either live a life handicapped by fear, and miss out on all the excitement of living. In other words, you can stay in the harbor and never venture out in your ‘yacht’


You can face your fears, learn how to sail your ship and voyage to new horizons! Knowledge brings power and freedom from fear. The choice is yours!

For more information on how to overcome fear and learn how our thinking affects our mood, please click here. 

This beautiful photo of the Durban Yacht Harbor was taken by Nicola Stewart

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